Valentine's gift guide - FOR HIM


It's a well known fact that men are much harder to buy for than women. It's hard enough for birthdays and Christmas but valentines day seems so much harder as you don't want to give your man chocolates and flowers, but instead something a little more useful. Here are some items I've picked out while browsing for my boyfriend's present. Let me know what you think.

I think this is a brilliant idea for any man who loves photography, as not only is it a camera but you have to make it yourself, which is an added extra. I really like the idea of this however don't think I'd be very good at it myself!

Unless your partners wallet is new or in great shape, a wallet is a great idea as it's definitely useful and you'll know they will always need one eventually. This pick is black leather which looks smart and has a dark red lining and coin pocket on the inside. If I were giving this to someone I'd put a little love note inside just for added cuteness!

Versace Eros Eau De Toilette - £33.00 - £59.99
What could be more perfect than a eau de toilette named after the god of love! I think this present is lovely at being subtle with the name, and is perfect for valentine's day. The packaging is gorgeous and the smell is a combination of mint leaves, italian lemon zest and green apple.

This book is from lovebook, who are amazing at couples books and have a good range of activity books, including a simple I love you one, a bucket list and a book on spending time together in unusual ways. I really like these books and will definitely be getting more of them eventually.

Perfect if your man loves movies, you could buy a few DVD's for him to go along with this gift and it's perfect for future movie date nights! The popcorn is made using hot air instead of oil, which is a lot healthier. 

If you know your man carries his ipad around a lot, or just doesn't keep it super safe then this is a great gift. I love the style of this case, it looks very smart and simple. The colours compliment each other so well and it's canvas material which means it's easy to clean.

What have you got your man this year?


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  1. I loooove the idea of the popcorn and DVD gift! And the book also looks really interesting, and in sure would encourage couples to spend time together making memories instead of vegetating on the sofa! Love this post!

  2. love it


  4. Love the idea of the camera!

  5. Cool gift ideas!! I love the popcorn maker!! We are always making popcorn but the old fashion way and I think it would taste much better with a popcorn maker!!


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