Day 2 in London - Valentine's Day


Our full day in London was on valentine's day! My boyfriend got me naked 3, two naked lip glosses and earrings shown in the picture just for our one year! So for valentine's he got me a sillier gift, but I love it. I am wearing two shades from the naked 3 on my lids and love it so much! I will definitely get a lot of year out of it.

We firstly went to the national gallery which was so lovely to admire all the amazing work, however we had to rush as we had booked chocolates and champagne on the london eye. Unfortunately it was raining all day however the view was still amazing and it was so romantic with the champagne. I loved it so much!

After that the rain got even worse so we went to the aquarium which was very busy and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, some of the fish and animals were really cool but my boyfriend noticed that some of the seaweed was plastic, and when we saw the penguins they were all staring at the wall painted like Antarctica which was really sad. 

After that we had a valentine's meal at the First Floor on Portobello Road, which was so delicious although I didn't manage to take any pictures as we forgot...oops!

The whole day was so brilliant and I loved every second of it. 


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