Day 1 in London


So I haven't made a post in a while, which I am very sorry for however I hope this week makes up for it and next week will be back to normal. Last week my boyfriend and I went to London to celebrate our one year anniversary/valentines day. This is day one in London and we went to the Harry Potter studio tour.

The tour was absolutely amazing and it was so surreal to see the actual sets and props. I was blown away and it was so much fun to walk around. I loved the fact that it was self guided, which meant we could spend as much time staring in awe at stuff as we wanted. 

I think my highlight was definitely the 3rd part of the tour which is more the behind the scenes, it was amazing to see all the effects and make up that went into it. You don't even notice 3/4 of the work behind the film, like each jar in the potions classrooms and even the writing on each wand!

I already had the butterbeer in Florida and didn't like it as it was too creamy, but I loved every second of it and it is definitely worth the money and I'd happily go again in a few years. Tomorrow will be all about valentine's day!

Have you been to the Harry Potter Tour before?


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