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I don't tend to shop at the body shop very often, however I do enjoy using their products and so a few months ago I gave their vitamin E range a go, I bought the mist and eye cube you see above, and also two night products which I haven't yet finished. I would say the above products lasted me about 5 or 6 months with every day use, give or take a couple of days where I forgot to use it or didn't feel the need.

First up is the face mist, which can be used under moisturiser, over make up as a setting spray or throughout the day as a pick me up. I used this as part of my skincare routine and sprayed over a freshly washed face before my normal routine.

I did really like this mist, I don't think it made my skin appear any better or worse after, however it was very refreshing and cooling which felt really nice. I didn't have any issues using this and I enjoy it. I would probably repurchase again if this was on offer. You can buy this from the body shop website here.

The eye cube I didn't really get on with. Again, I enjoyed that it was refreshing and I liked to pop it in the fridge while I had breakfast so it was nice and cool, however it really didn't feel like it did anything for the skin. I much prefer the eye cream that I am using now, and probably wouldn't repurchase this. The applicator also left quite a bit of product in even though you couldn't roll on your eyes because the plastic was in the way, which was annoying to scoop out. You can have a look for yourself here.

Whats your favourite body shop item?

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