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I'm slowly getting much better at bothering to paint my nails. Usually I'd forget for even though I actually take pride in my nails and how healthy and long they can get. Since I've been painting more though, I wanted to get a new colour which was perfect for spring.

Last year I was absolutely obsessed with the white nail trend. I loved it yet unfortunately it looked pretty tacky on my casper like skin tone, however I'm going away this year somewhere hot so will definitely paint them then.

Instead at the minute, I opted for Lilac Wine by Maybelline. I absolutely love Maybelline for nail polishes and use them more for this than their make up. The polishes are either £2.99 or £3.99 depending on the finish you get, and they are available at most supermarkets as well.


It's a lovely lilac colour and suits pale skin and I'm sure it would look great with tanned hands as well. I applied 2 coats over my normal base coat and it lasted about a week.

You can find Lilac wine online here - however as I said most supermarkets have it if you wanted to pick it up with your weekly shop.

Whats your go to summer nail look?

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