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I've decided to start a new little series on my blog, so the first Friday of each month I'll be giving you my picks of what to watch on Netflix. As you may know, netflix removes and adds new shows throughout each month. Here are a few things coming up in May that I'm interested in or recommend.

House of Cards
House of Cards is back at the end of May for it's fifth season. My partner and I are currently halfway through Season 4 and are trying to finish it before the new one starts. If you've never heard of it, it's about Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) and Frank's journey in the American politics system. It's a show all about betrayal, power and incredibly sassy fighting. I absolutely love it.

An absolute classic starring Robin Williams, Jumanji is coming to Netflix in May and it's an absolutely fantastic film of the 90's. It's perfect for a rainy day or cosy evening and a film from my childhood.

The Keepers
This is a new documentary series about the murder of a nun whose story remains a mystery. It looks like Making a murderer and that is a series I will never forget. If you like mysteries and true crimes, this is one for you. You can watch the trailer here. I'll also be doing a review once I've watched it!

Sarah Silverman: A Spect of Dust
I love the Netflix comedy specials and this time it's Sarah Silverman. You may love or hate her, but I think she's a brilliant comic and I'll be watching this when I need a pick me up.

One of the most important films of 2014, Selma tells the true story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the famous march from Selma to Montgomery. This film is brilliant and David Oyelowo is fantastic as his portrayal, plus the soundtrack to the film is brilliant and features artists such as John Legend and Common. I've reviewed it before here.

One of the most recent films from Danny Boyle is Trance, starring James McAvoy. I remember seeing this film in cinema a couple of years ago and haven't seen it since, so I'm looking forward to rewatching. If you like films by Danny Boyle or films that make you think and try to work out whats happened before its on screen, this one is definitely for you.

What are you looking forward to watching in May?

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