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You may or may not know that I spend a lot of time watching TV. I've definitely calmed down from a couple of years mainly due to shows ending but there was one year where I had to make a schedule so I didn't forget and then get too far behind. However, now netflix has come along it's a lot easier but the amount of choice can be a little terrifying and you may end up having a list of about 20 shows. I've decided to compile a short list of my favourite shows on Netflix, and some that I want to watch after. If you want my all time favourites (not just on Netflix) let me know!

1. The Office US
My all time favourite TV Show, the Office is one of the best comedies on Netflix. Adapted from the BBC version, this show brings moments of tears, amazement but overall laughter. All I'd say is keep watching, because if you've watched the BBC version the first few episodes are very similar, but don't really work in the US version, and you may think it's just a copy. However, as soon as it's the 2nd season the show stands on it's own two feet and you will completely fall in love with each character, even with their own unique traits.

2. Orange is the new black
Completely crazy yet strangely realistic, OITNB is a show that has won over a lot of people on netflix. Proving that Netflix originals can be some of the best TV shows around, this show has it all, lesbians, prison politics and pervy guards. Despite having quite a few flaws, and sometimes focusing on things you don't care enough about (like Piper's whole effin' life), the characters are so fun and messed up that it's really watchable. I definitely liked the second season more, and I'm looking forward to what the third has to offer.

3. Breaking Bad
Probably everyone has already seen it, yet I'm still in the second season. Breaking Bad is clever, tense and at sometimes comical. Perfect if you like dramas, great characters and a storyline that'll have you accidentally binging for 5 hours (we've all been there). The pacing is brilliant and I really like watching Walter turn more badass by the episode, if you haven't at least seen one episode, give in to the hype.

4. Arrested Development
The ultimate dysfunctional family, this show will having you cringing, laughing and just being like WTF. Starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and baby Michael Cera, this show is really funny and perfect for spending 20 minutes of your time a day. The show has really well written comedy, and some tender moments but more often than not, you'll just feel lucky that your own family isn't like this one.

Have you seen any of these shows? What do you think?

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