An A-list lipstick from L'oreal


If there's something I love all year round, it's a red lip. I love my Ruby woo and NARS Cruella and often have one or the other in my handbag (or both aswell as several others). However, I rarely find a good one from the drugstore. I hit the jackpot with Revlon's really red, and I think I've became lucky again. 

Most of you will have heard of L'oreals celebrity nudes - different celebrities with different skin tones create a nude lipstick so you can go and pick by celebrity, or if you know you have olive skin tones and say Cheryl has olive skin tones, you'll match. Well, they've done it again this time with reds. As far as I know there are four different shades, Julianne's Red, Eva's Red, Blake's Red and Liya's red. I went with Julianne's red at first, as she has the palest skin tone like mine, and plus I heard this one being raved about more than the others.

Julianne's red is the brightest of the bunch, and while not being the truest red lip shade, it's really nice and does suit pale skin well. I'd say it's an off raspberry sort of shade, with a slight pink hint to it. Overall, it's creamy, stays put for quite a while and I like the shade of the lipstick, it's sharp tip making it easy to apply carefully on the go.

I also like the packaging and think the black, gold and red really go together and it does feel a little more well done than some other lipsticks, plus the lid has a cut out which clicks on the bottom end of the lipstick, so you know it's not going to just come off in your handbag. 

I honestly don't think I've tried a lipstick from L'oreal before, but after this one I am definitely on the look out for more.

Have you tried anything from this collection? What do you think?

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