Garnier moisture match moisturiser review


As I've mentioned in previous moisturiser reviews, I'm on the look out for the perfect moisturiser for myself. I have dry to sensitive skin, don't get very many spots and just want something that makes my skin feel softer and lasts like that for a good portion of the day. 

A few months ago I bought the moisture match for normal to dry skin by Garnier. If you aren't familiar with this product, Garnier brought out a range of moisturisers designed for different skin types, there is also a mattifying one, one for more of a glow e.t.c. I really liked this as it means that the one you pick should work for you, as it's specific and designed for one purpose.

The product for normal to dry skin comes out as light blue, to match the packaging which I thought was a nice touch. It blends in nicely and does feel nice on the skin, it definitely sinks in and doesn't make your make up look different. I wouldn't say it lasted all day, and my skin didn't feel much softer. It didn't break me out which is always a bonus, and I think you get a good amount of product for the price.

My main downside is the packaging. It was good while the product was full, however when nearing the end of the product, it was so difficult to squeeze out, and then you would get too much out and can't put it back in. I had to cut my first tube of this open and depot it towards the end as there was a good weeks worth of product that I couldn't get out from squeezing.

Overall, the actual product was nice but didn't do exactly what I am looking for in a moisturiser. The packaging lets the product down however I would say it would be good for teen skin, as it didn't break me out and it's small and good for travelling/keeping in your handbag.

Have you tried this moisturiser? What moisturiser would you recommend to me next? 

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