What I'd Wear: Urban Outfitters Opening


So I've been a fan of Urban Outfitters for quite a few years. I love their store for gifts at Christmas, accessories and gorgeous dresses/outfits which look unique compared to other stores. 

Finally, after years of travelling up to Nottingham and down to Birmingham, Urban Outfitters is coming to my home town of Leicester! I think this is great as Leicester is vibrant, cultured and creative, all things I see in Urban Outfitters.

Victoria from http://www.vipxo.co.uk has a little competition going on her blog to get to go the opening, which I'd love the opportunity to go, and have been reading her blog for a couple of years now, and she was one of the first main blogs I started to read. Below is a little wishlist/outfit I'd like to wear if I picked to go:

One thing I love about Urban Outfitters is they get their thickness of clothes just right. I love this dress, and it's so simple which means it can be paired with anything. This would work well with a thicker jumper and tights, or lighter and still look great. Plus, a black dress is perfect for any occasion!

I would wear this lace kimono over the top, as again the black layers well over other items, plus it may be slowly moving into Autumn but I still love kimonos! I think they are so great for adding some extra style and can make an outfit feel complete. Against the black dress, the lace would stand out.

I would accessorise with this head chain, and leave the rest very simple. I've never worn a head chain before but really like how they look, and would definitely like to wear one! I think they aren't too over the top, and especially this style as it's not really that noticeable, but would add more to the outfit than a necklace over the kimono.

I would then go with a light, neutral eye with a sharp wing, and quite a berry lip colour. I'm all about make up this Autumn and berry colours are my favourite on the lips. I would love to wear something like MAC's Diva or Cyber with this look and some boots. 

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