The Updated Bag Wishlist


In one of my first posts here, I made a haul in which I bought a bag from Topshop. Over a year later and I'm still with said bag. It's really nice, and still y' but I am definitely in order of a new bag. 

Usually I don't really like looking at bags online, because I can't judge size and how big it is inside, and overall I just like to feel things in my hands before I use them! Here are a few ones I've had my eye on though.

I do like the classic style like this, and the fact it's got a little strap over the side to wear on my shoulder, but I don't know if I'd want something blue again.

This bag is really cute and I like the black and gold, but also unsure about size as it might be a little too small. 

This bag is probably my favourite, as I really like the front pocket, plus it comes with a shoulder strap option too.

I think this bag is a little more unusual, with the different shape and metal, however I think overall it's a bit too business-y.

What do you think out of these options?

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