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Last week I went to Birmingham and saw Guardians of the Galaxy on the giant screen in the ThinkTank. It's a slightly curved screen, and is 72 foot wide so it definitely made it more of an experience, and I would definitely recommend it for films such as this. I also saw it in 3D.

From the opening scene, you can tell this film has some dark moments. It's sad in places but then brought back with some very funny moments, and overall I enjoyed it. Some of the fight scenes were a little confusing about what was happening, as the camera angles were either too fast or there were other things going on in the background but overall it's really gorgeous on screen.

I loved the chemistry of the characters, Chris Pratt who plays Peter Quill was really good, and perfect for the role. I really enjoyed Rocket who was voiced by Bradley Cooper, but no offence to Bradley but it could have been played by a lot of other characters, but it was really well written so it was fine. Groot was also really good, and a little unbelievable that Vin Diesel was playing him, when all he said was "I am Groot".

I would recommend this film as I really enjoyed it, the soundtrack is fantastic and it's very funny in moments. 


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