Empty Product Review: Balance Me Moisture-rich face cream


A few months ago, I bought a magazine and it came with a sample of this balance me face cream. I thought, why not give it a try because 1. I'm still looking out for my holy grail moisturiser and 2. I'm a sample whore and just can't get enough of them.

I hadn't heard of the brand balance me before, but was intrigued especially with the big sign that says "99% natural origin". With a little more research, some of the ingredients include shea butter, rose hip oil, arctic cloudberry and kukui nut oils to name a few. Plus, it's specially for normal to dry/sensitive skin and I have dry/sensitive. 

Overall I did like this product. The product blends in smoothly and sinks nicely into the skin, and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or like you need to keep rubbing it in. I can still feel it after a few hours, which is nice because it feels to me like it has created a nice barrier, and isn't letting make up sink into my pores. 

I wouldn't say that it primes the skin very well for make up, which is what it says on the website, and I didn't try it with a primer over the top but I would say to put this on after your cleansing, and leave it to sink in while getting dressed before applying make up. This way worked best for me and by the time I came to make up, it had sank in and was ready.

The product didn't break me out which was nice, and if I did have a spot, it seemed to reduce the soreness of it which was nice. It's not a spot product though so I wasn't expecting it to do anything for that. 

I would recommend this product, although at the moment I still am on the look out for a holy grail moisturiser, if anyone has recommendations that would be great!

You can buy this product here and it comes in a 50ml (£24), 25ml (£15) or 10ml (£6).

Have you tried any Balance me products? What do you think?

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