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2017 has been a good year for me and today I thought I'd share my favourite things of the year in one big post for you!

Make up and skincare is an easy one for me as I always seem to try this more and more throughout the year. I do have a big enough collection but I always seem to add to this. This year for me, the standout has been the Stila liquid eye shadows which I have in the shade 'Bronzed Bell'. These are fantastic and perfect for a night out or festival. I'm hoping to get a couple more next year as they are super easy to apply and full on glitter.

For foundation my favourite has been the Too Faced Born this way. It's a perfect coverage, great shade match (I wear Snow) and long lasting. Too Faced is also cruelty free and vegan which obviously helps when I'm trying to make more ethical changes this year, as it means I can carry on using it happily.

Another great one from Too Faced that I keep forgetting how much I love is the Sweet Peach palette. Its super wearable, can work with day looks or night out and the quality is great. As you can see Too Faced have definitely been my big one this year!


Reading blogs for me has still been a daily/weekly thing and I love finding new blogs. I've been trying to make more of an effort to find new blogs or read more variety, and these have been my favourites.

Hannah Gale has been the top of my reading list this year. I absolutely love reading her blog and although I had followed for a couple of years, this is the one I really took notice. She's super funny, honest and relatable which makes her super cool and adorable.

Chloe at The Little Plum has been my favourite find this year. Her lifestyle posts are fantastic for sunday reading and I find myself relating to a lot of her opinions. I also love her instagram as she finds great fashion finds for the petite girls.

This year has been no different and I still love Mandy at A Girl, Obsessed. Her posts are great and her photos are gorgeous. I really enjoy her blog tips photos and I'm often saving them in my read later collection as I can always come back to them, which I find really important for a blog.

Unfortunately we really didn't get to the cinema as often as I would have liked to in 2017 and thats something I want to improve on in 2018. We have the 2 for 1 tickets so it's not exactly like its a challenge. Dunkirk was probably my stand out film of the year, and one I've not reviewed on my blog! It's intense and captivating but it's full of a great cast, great cinematography and kept the pace up till the very end. I would highly recommend giving it a watch.

My favourite comedy of the year has been The Big Sick. It's a fantastic, funny and sweet comedy and perfect to watch with friends or if you need a pick me up. For big blockbusters, my top pick is Wonder Woman. It definitely has it's flaws, however Gal Gadot was amazing in it and showing strong women which was needed to bring back DC again. 

What was some of your favourite things from 2017?

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