Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Movie Review


So they've done it. They've only gone and made a 'sequel' to Jumanji...and I have some apologising to do?

I'll admit, when I first heard they were making another Jumanji film I was so angry, I thought it was a remake and I thought it was going to be terrible. After watching it recently however, it's actually not..that..bad?

I like what they've done with it overall. I like how it's been updated to a video game style, which really works and they include some good references as well. The whole set up was great and very similar to the original and overall it was just good.

But thats the thing, it really shouldn't have been that good? It's cheesy in some parts, and there's no major stand out scenes. Yet its really solid, the cast is great especially Jack Black which is why I think I enjoyed it so much. As you can see from the trailer he's playing a teenage girl, but he was subtle and just fantastic with it. 

The only changes I would make is probably more references to the original movie, for example where are the giant bees, the ivy or the monkeys. It could have really worked to see how Alan Parrish made it through 26 years in there.

I would recommend seeing this movie, it's a pretty solid comedy and much better than I thought it would be.


Have you seen Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle? What did you think?

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