Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri Movie Review



After several months of failing to solve a crime, Mildred uses three unused billboards to challenge the police as to why someone hasn't yet been caught for her daughter's murder.

This is the third film from director Martin McDonagh who previously did In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. He's known for his black comedy and signature characters and this film is no different, yet it's probably his best so far. This film is brilliant at showing a really dark subject matter and making it light hearted, honest and showing all perspectives to a story.

One thing Martin does perfectly is his characters. All of the characters in this aren't definitively good or bad, they are in a grey area of having flaws but also you feel sorry for them or they have a chance to prove themselves. It's a really honest way of writing and developing characters and something that is done really well in this film. Frances McDormand was absolutely incredible and she definitely is worthy of an oscar win for this performance. She was funny, driven, badass and at times fragile as well. It was beautifully acted and definitely one to watch just for that performance alone.

The rest of the cast were also brilliant, Sam Rockwell was really good and funny, Woody Harrelson was fantastic and even smaller characters were really well developed.

Has this got potential to win best picture? I think it could, it should definitely grab a nomination especially from it's win at the golden globes. I think it definitely deserves best screenplay and best actress at the very least. 


Have you seen Three Billboards? What did you think?

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