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December should be a pretty busy month for everyone however it's usually my best time for watching things because of all the holidays, I can usually get through a good few seasons of something in a week! Here's my picks of what I'll be looking forward to seeing this month on Netflix.

Kick Ass

Kick Ass is one of the best 'superhero' movies of the last few years. Aaron Johnson is absolutely brilliant and Chloe Grace Moretz is the ultimate badass. It's really well shot and written, although it can be quite gory in a few places so not one for the whole family! I've not seen it in a few years so I'm looking forward to watching it again. Here is the trailer.

After 25 years Judd Apatow is returning to stand up comedy with this special on Netflix. I absolutely love Judd Apatow, he's one of the greatest comedic directors and producers going. This looks like its got some great conversations with other actors and comedians, and I love a good special on Netflix.

So I promise this didn't mean to be an Aaron Johnson special! Nowhere Boy tells the story of John Lennon as a teenager, and I think it's a wonderful film with Aaron Johnson doing an amazing job playing John Lennon. It's where I first watched Aaron in a big movie and I knew he was one to watch. 

Of course you can't write a December pick without including a Christmas film, and Netflix are bringing back Love Actually which is probably one of the best Christmas films ever. I know I'll be watching at least 3 times over the season!

Whats on your to watch list for December?

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