The cutest app you'll ever download



Do you ever just start screaming internally because something is so cute that you can't help it? Well recently my boyfriend went onto my app store and downloaded this game for me, which he'd seen before and knew I'd adore, and so far I've been addicted.


It's a Japanese game called Neko Atsume which is basically a cat collecting game. You start off in a small garden, however can buy yourself into the house with gold sardines. You buy toys, cushions and random bits for the cats with silver sardines and of course keep the food bowls full and the cats will come. You can come off the game, go back on in 5 minutes and you'll find a cat somewhere. It's absolutely adorable.


The main 'point' of the game is to fill your cat book, where you can keep the photos of all your cats. You can also expect visits from rare cats, who don't appear often and usually need a decent treat and toy out. At the minute I'm just having so much fun seeing all the cute cats, and the game is actually really therapeutic  I love the atmosphere with the music, and how they are just sitting or playing, it's really calming.


The app is a pretty big deal with merchandise available and a whole subreddit dedicated to it. I've been on there a few times, but honestly I'd so recommend you download this game. It's too cute to not to really.

Whats your favourite app at the moment?

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