Orange is The New Black Season 4 (No spoilers)


So last night I finished watching Orange is the new black season 4, which came back onto netflix on June 17th. It took me less than a week to watch, and most of that was from me watching a good 9 episodes in two was a quiet weekend.

I have to say I forgot what happened in season 3, so the recap was really useful. I love how the episodes start by just taking you right where you left off and there is no dicking around like other shows, it's straight into the action. It was a great first episode to bring us back and I was hooked immediately. 

 One of the main reasons I love the show so much is how it can so easily switch from lighthearted fun to really, really dark and this season was no different. I think from episode 9 onwards the show switches and it's got some absolutely beautiful, emotional and honest scenes. 

Season 4 is filled to the seams with new inmates, new enemies, new politics, less nudity and the same brilliantly addictive theme song. If you have never watched the show before, now is a great time as you'll be ready in time for next year...if it doesn't take you a month to watch them all.

What did you think of season 4? Please keep this post spoiler free!

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