American Hustle - Movie Review


American Hustle is a con film about Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) who get found out by FBI agent Richie DiMaso. In order for them to be let free of their crime, they must work with him in order to bring down other con artists, however they get too far into the game and the mafia start to get involved.

From the big posters and trailers everywhere, I was pretty excited for this film. It seemed to look good, I was excited about the amazing cast and I'm always intrigued in con films. However, part way through watching I started getting tired and distracted and overall didn't enjoy it that much.

The plot of this film is confusing at times, with so many layers. The film itself mentions about conning even themselves and each person is not who they say they are and no one should really trust each other. That's all I can really say without giving anything about the storyline away.

Acting wise, the whole cast was brilliant. Christian Bale was really good, especially with the weight he put on for the role. Amy Adams was very good, although slightly distracting. Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant and very funny at times, and Renner and Cooper were equally very good and convincing. 

The film is comical at times, and serious when it needed to be. I did find it dragged a little in certain places however the characters had room to develop and interact with each other. It was a good film, however I just didn't like it that much.


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  1. That's a shame you didn't enjoy it that much! My boyfriend wants to see this...hmmm!

    Natalie | Just a Thought

    1. I'd go watch it with him if you like Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence, plus the costumes are so pretty. But actual storyline, I wasn't a huge fan! Maybe read a few more reviews first though :) x


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