2013 in a Jar.


At the beginning of 2013 I saw a tumblr post with the idea to put things that made me happy, no matter how big or small into a jar. Then on new years eve, open it and look back and remember them. I really wanted to give it a go and am really pleased I did.

In all honesty, at times I forgot about it. So, it was about half full and I completely forgot from October - December. However, the ones that I did write down were funny, cute and very worth remembering.

From simple notes like songs that I really liked at the time, to awesome dinners to the most sweet, like my boyfriend first saying I love you, it was a really good way to look back and although I've not been that happy throughout 2013, it made me smile.

I will be doing it again this year, and trying my hardest not to forget. Ideally I'd like at least one a day. If you'd also like to create a jar, here are some things you can write in it:

  • Favourite songs or movies that you heard/saw
  • Times out with friends/family
  • Holidays and what happened on them
  • A good deed you or someone else did for you
  • Getting that one special item for your birthday or treating yourself
  • and anything really! It's your jar!

Emma x

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