The ultimate valentine's gift for him


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My boyfriend is classic when it comes to style. He likes to look smart and does have very good taste, I really enjoy shopping with him as he has a keen eye as to what suits himself and even myself!

However, if money was no option I'd definitely treat him to the ultimate male accessory this valentine's day. Unfortunately for him, it's only our first together so I can't justify this much at the moment, however it's definitely an investment and a gorgeous watch.

The watch I have picked out is the Hublot classic fusion at £5,900. It's a titanium watch, with a black rubber strap and sapphire crystal glass which is harder than glass or quartz windows so you can be free in mind of scratches. The titanium colour is absolutely gorgeous and looks so stylish. It'd eye catching and although I'm not a huge fan of silver on myself, against the black of the strap and the watch face it stands out. The rubber strap makes it comfortable against the wrist and adds a slight casual touch so it can be worn for events or even days out. 

This watch and hundreds more for men and ladies can be found at and this post is for a competition they are running along with EtailPR, however I love this watch and maybe for our 5th or 10th anniversary, then my boyfriend might be in luck!

Which would be your ultimate watch to purchase?


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  1. That would definitely be a lovely present! It looks so classy.

    x Michelle |

  2. This is so lovely! My boyfriend would love this :)
    Such a great gift, I will definitely be looking into this for our 5 year anniversary!

  3. ooo, it looks rather smart and fancy; really great for a guy with a refined taste.


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