Life Recently: My 21st Birthday


Last Saturday was my 21st birthday and I thought I would show a few pictures from my day, as I really enjoyed writing the previous life post about Birmingham, which you can see here. 

My 21st birthday started off really well with a delicious breakfast at Toby Carvery. I usually only have toast for breakfast so it's nice treating yourself to a full english every once in a while!

I got some lovely presents and cards off friends and family, and it was so nice to see that my boyfriend had been reading my blog and got me some make up organisers that I did a wish list post on!

In the afternoon we had a party with lots of family and friends, and we had this gorgeous cake which one of my mums friends made me. It was delicious but very rich as I don't really like much other than chocolate, plus we have tons of it left over.

We then went into town and danced for a while, although things took a slightly bad turn as I am pretty sure I got spiked and ended up throwing up when I got home, and the whole of the next day. Other than that, I had a really nice birthday. Major thanks + boyfriend points to my boyfriend aswell who sat by my side all day when I couldn't even keep water down, and holding back my hair when I was being sick. I really appreciate it!

What do you want for your birthday this year?

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