Life Recently: Birmingham visit


Over the last bank holiday my boyfriend and I stayed in Birmingham for the night as a little pre birthday treat for my 21st birthday on the 9th. 

We ate at Jamie's Italian which is one of my favourites and I absolutely love the food there. My boyfriend had the steak while I had the lamb chop scottadito (3rd picture) which I had never tried before. They were really delicious and although the yoghurt and chilli thing was way too hot for me, I absolutely loved the red onion and chips that didn't fit in the picture. After we had the chocolate brownie to share which was as delicious as always. I would always recommend Jamie's and it's not stupidly priced either, it's quite expensive but the quality of the food is really worth it.

The next morning we went shopping for a dress to wear on my birthday, and I also popped into Victoria's Secrets and bought a couple of bras as the ones I wear at the minute really don't hold me very well. Turns out I'm a size bigger than I thought (which makes sense) and I'm so happy with the new bras, they are incredibly comfy and I think it's worth paying a bit more when your boobs feel like they are being held in place by an angel's delicate hands. 

Before we went home we also had a burger and fries from Five Guys. Five Guys is an American chain brand that do fast food where you can add a variety of toppings. It's quite expensive really (£8 for my cheeseburger) but oh my god it's so delicious!

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