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What If is a movie about friendship. At a party, Wallace meets Chantry and they chat to each other most of the night. After walking her home, he finds out she has a boyfriend but they both want to become friends. However, their other friends see the chemistry and are sure that more is bound to happen.

I think this movie was really sweet. Daniel Radcliffe played his character really well, and was just a nice guy which made the film better because most of the time, there are no other intentions other than being friends. The films cast seemed to have really good connections, and you felt that the friendships were very real and solid. 

I really liked Adam Driver (who plays Adam in HBO Girls) and thought he was probably the funniest character. I'm glad he's getting more film roles as I find his acting very casual and natural. 

I'd recommend this film if you like romantic comedies, or any of the cast as they all play their roles well. It's a sweet movie and I really liked the animation in the credits, it ties in with the film well and it's a very cute movie.


Have you seen this film? What did you think?

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