My favourite eye shadows - from the Naked Palette


This post will be the first of a mini series (unsure of how often I'll be doing it however) in which I tell you my favourite shades from some palettes that I own. I thought I'd start out with the Naked palette, which was my first mid/high end make up purchase (plus I got naked 2) and I fell in love with Urban Decay ever since.

I would recommend the Naked collection to anyone. The pigmentation is great, there are so many variations you can create look wise and the mix of mattes/shimmer is decent enough. However, if you could only buy one I would definitely take time to look into them and see what shades would suit you best. Anyhow, lets move on to my favourite shades:

1. Virgin
I haven't done these in order of least - most favourite by the way, just going from left to right! Also, apologies for picture quality not being the best, my camera was playing up a lot. Virgin is a gorgeous light pink/white shade. It has small shimmer particles but it's a great shade for highlighting the inner corner of your eye, and the brow bone. If I were to create a darker look, I'd also pop it in the centre of my lid. 

2. Naked
Probably my most used shade, Naked is a soft matte brown. I've used this a lot over my lid, as it's just a touch darker than my skin colour so works quite well, however if I put a shade like Virgin on my lid, Naked works in the crease, as it's buildable. 

3. Buck
My second most used shade, Buck is a darker matte brown, and the ultimate crease colour. I think it works great for adding definition, and also a great transition shade for a softer smokey eye. Blends easily and I usually team it up with Naked for a natural eye look.

4. Smog
A gorgeous shade, and definitely one for drawing attention to the eye. Smog is a dark golden colour with a bit of shimmer. I really like this shade on it's own or with buck in the crease. It's packed with pigmentation and very easy to work with, 90% of the time when using this colour I sweep it over my lid, blend the edges and it's done. I just did a FOTD with it here in fact.

5. Darkhorse
Not a shade I go to a lot, but one that I do just like looking at. I think it'd be perfect for a smokey eye, as it's much softer than a black, but the added shimmer has always made me unsure of what to do with it. It's very pigmented and would works well with smog.

What are your favourite shades from the Naked palette?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Keep coming back for more in this series :)

  2. Replies
    1. I think Naked 2 is my favourite out the bunch, for day wear looks it's perfect!


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