Wishlist: Three Favourite Items from Excel Clothing!


Recently while browsing online I came across the website www.excelclothing.com which sells designer clothes for men, women and children. They have some gorgeous items on there, including handbags (we won't get into how long that wishlist would be!) but I chose three of my favourite items, that I think would be perfect for summer.

I think this dress looks so lovely and would be perfect for sight seeing and exploring a city like Rome in summer. I love the fact that it is still fitted while being casual, yet could easily be dressed up with different shoes and accessories. The detailing is lovely and I love the pleated bottom.

Whenever I think of wedges, I think summer is here. They are the perfect way to dress up a summer dress and are still comfortable. For me, if I'm going to a new city I'm always worried about heels incase we have to walk for miles, but wedges still give you that height and elongation of the leg, while remaining cosy. I love the navy colour of these as they'd go with a mixture of different outfits.

I love this top for many different reasons. The first being the floral print, which is not in your face but instead done in a subtle way that still draws attention. I love the colours in the flowers aswell, and how it mixes from the pinks to the blue. Lastly, I love the detailing of the neck line. It's quite an unusual shape but really pretty and different.

What do you think of these items? Don't forget to check out www.excelclothing.com for more!

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  1. I've never heard of Excel clothing before, will have to check it out :) xx


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