The super affordable spot treatment.


Sudocrem is a thing of magic. It's been in my household my entire life, and I often remember my mum putting it on me if I had fallen and grazed my skin. However, it's only recently I discovered it's even more amazing than I thought.

So, a little bit of TMI however this month I've been getting a few spots. I never usually get spots before and it's only a rare one on my cheek, however these spots have been under the skin and quite sore. So, one day I put sudocrem on them, and within an hour it helped reduce the redness and they went down to nothing within a day or so.

I would recommend putting it on at night, as it leaves a white residue even after a lot of rubbing in. However, I just put a dot on each mark before I go to sleep, and in the morning it's so much better and clearer. 

The best thing aswell is it's so cheap. You can buy the tube version for £1.99 (depending on size) and I bought this massive tub for about a fiver and I'm pretty sure I've got enough to last me a lifetime, I really don't know how I'll ever reach the bottom of the tub.

Have you tried sudocrem for spots before? What else do you use it for?

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  1. Also the best after sun ever! I slap a really thick layer all over any sunburn once I'm back inside and it REALLY helps with the sting! Seriously, such a magical creation!

    1. I can definitely imagine it being a huge relief for suncare!

  2. That sounds great. Does it have zinc in it? I use zinc when I have some problems on my skin and it really helps me. But what you have sounds even better. :D

    1. yes, it has zinc oxide as one of the ingredients!

  3. sudocrem is definitely one of the best product for skin :)


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