Dermalogica skin perfect primer product review


Recently I made a purchase online from, and within that purchase you are allowed some samples. I picked this skin perfect primer as one of them, as I currently don't have a primer and thought I'd give it a go.

This primer is aimed at drier or ageing skin, and while I don't have ageing skin, mine is on the drier side. It has SPF 30 which is great, however my foundation already included SPF. This product claims to even skin tone, and add extra radiance. It also claims to protect the skin from sun rays and contains peptides to stimulate collagen production. 

Upon opening the packet, there is probably enough product for 2/3 uses, depending on how much you apply. It has a quite tanned colour to it, which initially made me nervous as I didn't want it to be orange under my foundation. However, when I applied it sank easily into the skin, feeling very smooth and softening the skin after. I had already put moisturiser on, but even so it felt extra moisturising. 

You can wear it on it's own or underneath make up, and I don't think I'd wear it alone as I like extra coverage. I was wearing my make up since about 4pm till 11pm and before I took it off, I definitely was surprised that there was no sign of my make up breaking. It looked liked I recently did my makeup.

So far I really like this primer. The full size product is £33.95 for 22ml. I have a couple more uses left of my sample, and want one of those to be for a night out so I can really test it.

What is your primer of choice?

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  1. I'd never even heard of this before but I adore Dermalogica's skincare range. My go-to primers (used only for occasions!) are by Benefit, so darn good. xx

    1. My mum has very sensitive skin and dermalogica is the only thing that really suits her, and has gotten me into it.

  2. My favourite primer is Smashbox's Hydrating primer as my skin can get very dry and dehydrated. I also use Clinique's City Block SPF 25. Even though my foundation contains SPF, I also like to apply a separate one especially now the weather is getting warmer.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Ah, the smashbox primer sounds very nice as I have constantly dry skin. I am definitely becoming more focused on skincare/primers as then you need less make up over the top, which is great for summer.


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