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Over the weekend I realised I had about £20 worth of boots points on my advantage card that weren't really going anywhere, so I decided to treat myself (is it a treat when brush cleaning is a massive chore?) and get the new Real Techniques Brush Cleansing palette with some of these points.

I needed a good clean for my brushes, and had previously been using kitchen towel which a, took a decent amount of kitchen towels each time and b, I wanted something that I could really see getting into the brushes. Unfortunately a lot of the brushing mitts are quite expensive, so I'm really pleased that Real Techniques have introduced this which works perfectly with their amazing brush line.


The palette is bright pink and has a handle on the back, which fit really nicely in my hand and it held well and didn't feel like it was coming off at all. The palette itself is made up of three sections, the small dots for small brushes such as eye brushes, the middle for medium brushes and the large dots for large brushes such as a powder brush. 

This palette really helped give my brushes a good clean. I used the gel sample which comes with the palette which seemed pretty good, although I think I'll stick to my Johnson's baby shampoo next time as thats my personal preference. I put a dot of the gel in the middle section, wet the palette a tiny amount and swirled my brush in the section depending on the size. I feel like the middle was my favourite as it really got inside the bristles, although the small works perfectly for a blending brush.


Above is a picture of my blush brush - which was one of my dirtiest as blush obviously has a bit of pigment so needed a good scrub.


And above is a picture of afterwards. Once it's completely dried there was no colour left on the bristles, this was the same with all of my eye brushes (plus I've had this blush brush over a year or so). 

It's not revolutionised my brush cleaning or made me any more excited to do a brush clean, however for £12.99 it definitely does the trick and speeds up the process of the most boring chore. You can purchase the palette here.

Have you bought this palette? What did you think?

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  1. I recently got this cleaning mitt too and I've really enjoyed it. While it doesn't make cleaning my brushes any more exciting, I think it cleans it better than using the palm of my hand!



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