22 Lessons I've learnt in 22 years


So today marks my 22nd birthday, and I really love birthdays. I'm not usually one to be the centre of attention, but on my birthday I love getting treated special and being allowed to eat pancakes for breakfast because it's the one day I can be bothered to make pancakes for breakfast. In todays post, here are 22 lessons I've learnt in 22 years. 

1. Sometimes paying more is worth it - and I shouldn't be so surprised when my topshop jeans last longer than my primark ones.

2. There is always a voucher code somewhere.

3. Friends come and go, and those who will want to stay will do.

4. There's nothing like a good whine to your mum when you feel down.

5. Sometimes wine tastes better with lemonade in it, and that doesn't mean you are weak.

6. Shotting straight vodka is something that I will probably never do again - at least without gagging 100 times after.

7. Life isn't always about high heels, sometimes the flats are worth it for the dancing.

8. University and education isn't worth everything. Most of the time it's who you know rather than what you know.

9. There will always be people who don't put their hand up to thank you for giving way, and those people are dickheads.

10. Weekend morning cuddles are sometimes the best thing in the world.

11. Winged eyeliner isn't worth stressing about.

12. Sometimes you should complain more, and not pussy out last minute and get your boyfriend to do it.

13. Holidays are the best thing in the world, and it's worth saving for them.

14. Food is way more expensive than you think it is.

15. Living with your boyfriend can be pretty damn good, especially when he cooks after you've been gym.

16. Exercise is important, and important to do.

17. Sometimes it's ok not to use a product because it's so beautiful, but you really should eventually.

18. Crying can be an essential part of life before you feel better.

19. Sometimes batting your eyelids and acting dumb does get you things. Sorry feminists.

20. It's good to still giggle at the size of some of the items in the back part of Ann Summers.

21. Gossiping is good for the soul.

22. Don't stress and everything will (usually) turn out just fine.

What important lessons have you learnt in life?

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  1. I loved this post. I completely agree with the education and uni one more often than not it really is who you know not what you know and that's coming from someone who went to uni!

    Ella xx

    1. I dropped out first year, and then got a job where my mum works! Glad you like it!

  2. Love posts like these! I'm always into knowing what people have learned in life.

    1. They are some of my favourite to read!

  3. Number 22 was my favourite here because I can definitely relate, in my 22 years I've unnecessarily worried about so many things it's not even funny. It seems like such a waste of energy when you look back on it too!



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