My Birthday Make Up


Last Monday was my 22nd birthday, and I received the new Alice in Wonderland palette from Urban Decay and immediately wanted to play around with it. (Review coming on Wednesday) Seeing as we were going out in the evening for dinner, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity and if you can't go a little colourful on your birthday, then when can you?

Red eyes is one of my favourite looks anyway as it can really intensify blue eyes, and it also works pretty well with my purple hair which is great, as some colours like green can not look as great. Please excuse my eyebrows, I've since plucked and sorted them out but I didn't want to go through that on my birthday!

I've also been really into highlight lately, I think it's from watching Jeffree Star and NikkiTutorials! I've added a inner corner eyesight, cheekbones, cupids bow, nose and forehead. I absolutely love a good highlight and it's definitely something I've taken into thought more when applying my make up.

I really loved this look and would definitely do it again, I think it looks so glam!

Whats your go to make up for a special occasion?

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