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Recently I've been listening to Sia's latest album, This is Acting on repeat. It's a great album for the car and I absolutely love trying my best to sing and then failing terribly has no one really has that Sia accent. This is Acting is a collection of songs rejected by Adele, Rihanna and Beyonce for example and instead given a try by Sia. 

It's a really interesting album as you can try to imagine different artists singing what would have been their songs, for example Cheap Thrills was written for Rihanna and you can definitely imagine her voice over this. 


I would say my favourite songs are Bird Set Free but I really enjoy Alive. Alive was originally written with Adele but then she rejected it. I just can't get over the voice breaking during the chorus and it gives me such goose bumps. 

Honestly I prefer 1000 Forms of Fear to This is Acting but thats mainly because of the music videos with the trilogy of Chandelier, Elastic Heart and Big Girls Cry. Some of the songs from this album are definitely worth a listen and I really enjoy it.

What have you been listening too lately?

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  1. I've been listening to this Album on repeat too it is such a great Album and to all the artists that passed on the song it was their loss!

    Meme xx

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