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So we have some exciting news, my boyfriend and I are moving in together! After a few months of viewing houses that were great and not so great, we've finally picked one. We are only renting at first to 1. save money and 2. make sure we don't kill each other. Below are some of the tips I've kept in mind when looking at houses...

1. Room Sizes
Luckily when renting is concerned, a lot of the important house things to consider are already sorted such as damp and general building works. 

One of the most important things we looked at was room sizes. My boyfriend has a king sized bed and this was definitely one of the important things to fit in, as it's relatively new. Some houses we definitely couldn't fit it in, others we could but one of us would had to move out the bottom. Other important rooms for sizes is the kitchen, does it have enough worktop space? room for a fridge? 

Obviously this will matter more if you also have a previously furnished house, however as we are buying most things new, we can buy afterwards.

2. Suitability for your needs
I think with most houses you have an instant connection or not. Some houses definitely clicked with me more than others and we nearly got a house just because it was modern and sleek but looking back now I'm glad we waited a bit. 

Checking the house is suitable for your needs is vital. Do you work from home or have any hobbies that require space? Do you want pets? Is there enough parking or garden space? Checking these off as soon as you walk in or even view the photos can save you and the agent a lot of time.

3. Be quick
Houses are a fast moving world and it's good to be quick. I went on right move and zoopla twice a day, often to find nothing however when I did see a property, I was able to email straight away so I was one of the first. You'll also need to be quick when viewing, this was a problem for my boyfriend and I as I work in the week and Danny works either days or nights. Often we had to view at the weekend, and sometimes houses went in the week.

4. Ask Questions
What furniture will be staying? Are there enough electricity points? Can we hang decor? Can we redecorate? Whats the option on pets? Can we have a shed?

Asking questions won't make you look stupid. It's better to ask than to never know and wonder. I found myself getting a lot more confident in asking questions, and Danny was very good at this as he's previously viewed houses before. Either write a list or if you forget anything, double check with the estate agents as soon as you can.

5. Check you can afford everything.
I usually did this after the viewing if we had a great vibe from the house. It's important to check council tax, gas/electricity, water and anything else you'll be spending money. One extra I always checked was how far this was away from work so will this be extra on petrol? Will your insurance change too if the parking is different from your current situation?

What are your packing tips?

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  1. when i started viewing apartments back in the day, i found my perfect apartment by just listening to myself. it was the one i felt so comfortable in from the beginning. also congrats, and good luck for your life together.


  2. Very cute blog! <3


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