Amsterdam Photo Diary - Day 3


Day 3 in Amsterdam was a bit everywhere - we didn't get up till a bit later and wanted to try the Anne Frank house but the queue was super crazy long so we decided we'd try again the next time we came. Instead, we wandered around and did a bit of shopping here and there.

We also ended back in red light district which happened more by accident really as it was on the way through to our hotel. This condom shop was brilliant and had all different and strange types of condoms!

We also went through the red light museum which was basically a house in red light which explained about the history of the red light district and how it works now, it was interesting and if you've got the discount I'd recommend it. It was nice to see some of the history but was much smaller than we realised so only took about half an hour.

We went to Casa Rosso the night before (on our third anniversary!) and it was a real fun experience. It's basically a sex show with different types of shows, some were couples, other were pole dancers. Some acts were crazy, but you get two free drinks with the discount we got so it was a laugh. The show probably takes around 1hr 15 mins ish, they then start again really. There were quite a few stag do's but lots of couples as well. 

 Just including this Dolce and Gelato shop in here because it made me laugh every time we went by and it's definitely something I'd call an ice cream shop.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Whats your favourite thing to do there?

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