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After finding out Kim Jong Un is a huge fan of TV Show Skylark tonight, Dave Skylark and his producer Aaron arrange an interview with the leader himself. However, the CIA intervene and tell Dave and Aaron they must assassinate Kim Jong Un while in North Korea.

I've been excited about this movie for a while, I was excited when I first saw the trailer as I am huge fan of Seth Rogen and James Franco. Then when the Sony hacking started, and the banning of the film, North Korea saying they will bomb every cinema playing this film e.t.c I was even more excited and determined to see this film.

Overall, with all the hype around it and the controversy, it didn't really live up to expectations. However, that wasn't down to it being a bad film, it was like I said a lot of press coverage in the news and had a lot of people who wouldn't have wanted to see it, thinking it might be worth a watch if it's causing this much fuss. 

I enjoyed the film, some parts were really funny, other parts were a bit silly however worked with the craziness of killing Kim Jong Un anyway, and I loved the chemistry between Rogen and Franco. I think the landscape was gorgeous and the setting did really look like what you'd imagine North Korea to look like. They played up to Kim's stereotypes (such as him saying about his ankles) and I think at times they portrayed him as a lonely leader who finds it difficult to fill his fathers shoes. I liked how they did that and made him seem vulnerable at times, however they also showed that monster side of him aswell.


Have you seen The Interview? What did you think?

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