Empty Product Review: L'oreal eye and lip make up remover


Recently I used up the L'oreal eye and lip make up remover. I had bought this just around 8 months ago and had been using it on and off since.

The product is much like the Clarins make up remover in that when full, it has two different coloured liquids, a darker blue and a much lighter blue and you shake them before putting on a cotton pad to remove your make up.

Overall, it definitely removes make up well. For my face make up it comes off with one swipe, and for my eyes I put the pad on my eye for about 10 seconds before gently dabbing away the product. It got rid of my waterproof mascara and is definitely suitable for sensitive eyes and skin, from which I suffer from.

However it says on the bottle it's non greasy, however after using it I always felt a greasy layer still on my skin. It's not a huge issue for me as I usually go in with a night cream anyway so I wipe it off, however if I was in a rush or just wanted to get to sleep (priorities) then I definitely found myself not wanting to use this product as I didn't like the grease that was left, especially after stating it's non greasy.

Another (probably picky) thing I noticed was that the hole was quite big for the liquid to come out. I often poured out way too much and it ended up over my hands, which was annoying as I don't like wasting product. 

It seems like since I have bought this product they may have changed the packaging as it looks different on the Boots website.

I did like the product for full face make up, it was great at getting rid of a smokey eye or red lipstick however I didn't like the grease, and much prefer the Garnier micellar water which I have been using for a couple of months now.

Have you tried this make up remover? What did you think?

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