The small plug: Depop


Small post today as I've been quite busy yesterday to properly plan a post. Apologies but at least I'm honest! ;)

Recently I made a depop account, as I'm currently looking for a job so need the extra money, and plus I can always do with getting rid of some more stuff to create space and help when I move out.

At the minute, the most items are DVD's as I have hundreds of them and need to cut down.

I'm also going to be selling make up, which I have a couple of items on now. I'll be sanitising them all before hand too! 

Lastly, I'll soon be selling clothes of mine, as soon as I've sorted them out but also will be selling some of my boyfriend's so it's good to look out just incase.

My name is @emememma and I do follow back if I think I'll buy something later on, when I have some money too!

Do you have a depot? Whats your name?

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