How to create/organise your recipe book!


So for over the past years, I've collected quite a long list of recipes from online sites, blogs and forums that I've added to a bookmark folder. I think it's a great idea to just save it then and there, so you don't forget which website you found it on...however when you actually begin to cook it just doesn't work, laptops are too big for the counters, the screensaver keeps coming up as you are chopping and I don't want to be dealing with splashes ruining my macbook.

Recently, I took a little trip to Paperchase which is one of my favourite stationary shops and bought a few bits to help me organise my recipes into a well organised folder. (This post isn't sponsored by Paperchase by the way, I just love their cute designs)

Firstly, I got my hands on some dividers, which have a really nice, smooth finish. The first page also comes with a list and I decided to organise it from categories from the main ingredient, so chicken, pasta, beef e.t.c. You could organise it from say, countries if you like cooking in different styles, so french, italian, american. Or, if you are vegetarian, pasta, salad, potatoes or different vegetables. (I don't know that much about vegetarian dishes aha)

Next, put them into your folder. I've also labelled the sides of the dividers just to make it easier. Another suggestion of mine would be to write up a little measurements/names list so you don't need to double check that you meant teaspoon instead of tablespoon (we've all been there right?)

Lastly, add in your pages. I've put them in plastic wallets as it's easy to clean, and they just feel nicer when skimming through the pages. I've put them in alphabetical order and also written it up instead of printing it out, just to keep the layout a bit the same. However, if you want to print it out, that's totally cool! You can also find recipes in magazines too and add them in.

If you ever have any recipes, let me know too!

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