May Collective Haul


May has been a busy and expensive month for me. I turned 19 this month, so naturally I wanted to go out and celebrate, which meant me buying new clothes to look my best. I've also been picking up a few items for a holiday (when we decide to book it!).

Everything together. I guess when I say I've bought a lot, this is a lot for me. Usually I have one shopping trip a month if I'm feeling it, sometimes I go without or order things online instead.

First, clothes. This dress was from Topshop in the sale at £15. It's a one shoulder navy dress, with the top half having more of a silky fabric compared to the bottom half which is like a thick cotton. On the waistline and shoulder there are jewels which I really like as it accentuates those parts and separates the two fabrics nicely. The fit is really nice and hugs you, not clinging onto parts but falling nicely.

This dress is from Forever 21 and I cannot remember the price. It's a strapless black dress with a thick lace type material over the top of a cotton type material. The chest section has two wires running through which supports you nicely and the bottom has a skater dress type feel. I really like this dress as it feels very feminine on me as usually I never go for strapless dresses. It's also a dress that can be worn on nights out with heels or in the daytime with sandals and a jacket for holiday wear, or with boots for a more grungy feel.

This dress is from New Look and was around £14.99 when I bought it. I definitely bought this dress with a holiday in mind, as the feel of the fabric is very silky and light. The top half is floral and has almost the feel of a bathing suit, it's supported around the chest and has a padded bra section, so you wouldn't need to wear a bra with it. The bottom half has a dipped hemline at the back, and a silky feel to it. I think this dress would be perfect with sandals around the beach, as it's so light and doesn't cling to you which is perfect in warm weather.

This dress is also from New Look in the Cameo Rose collection. It's £14.99. So far I have been a little scared of buying dresses with cut out mid sections, especially ones at the front as I have never liked my stomach, however this dress was love at first sight as soon as I tried it on. It's a fitted dress that hugs to you, however the blue tie dye really suits my skin tone and blonde hair, and it made me feel taller than I really am. It comes down to about my knees, and I think it will looks nice with sandals, trainers and a jacket if needed. It's a very nice dress to just slip on, and would be nice on holiday as folds up quite small so perfect for packing.

This top is from New Look and was in the sale for £4. At the back it's a cotton material, and the front is  thick lace. It also has a cotton black vest attached inside for under the lace, which I really like as it doesn't mean I have to wear a different vest underneath, as it's all in one. I wore this on a very sunny day and it didn't seem to make me feel super hot, as the cotton is quite light. I mainly bought it because it was such a bargain in the sale.

This body is also from New Look and I am unsure of the price. I bought this in mind to go with a pink maxi skirt I have, and this underneath. It worked really well as the body is a cotton material, which was very smooth underneath the skirt. It has a mesh type material around the chest and a button do up at the back neck, however you don't really need to undo it like that. The shoulders are also cotton, and it's a very light material.

I am obsessed with New Look underwear. Mainly the Kelly Brook collection, however because I have already bought almost all of it, I decided to go for this. It's £12.99 and has an 'enhanced' cleavage. I really like the hot pink pattern on the bra, as I prefer my black bras to have at least something on them instead of plain black. The top material feels like mesh and it's a very comfortable fit. I will always recommend New Look bras to people.

This handbag is from Topshop for £28. I first saw this handbag a few weeks ago and it caught my eye with the gorgeous blue colour, however I gave it a few weeks and said to myself if I see it again and really like it, I'll get it. and I did. It's quite a study handbag even if it isn't the biggest, and keeps it's shape nicely. The gold opening is for one section such as receipts or little things, and it has the same gold on the bottom to keep it upright. The strap does come off so you can just carry it on your arm or on your shoulder which I really like, and it fits all my daily items in that I need.
Next, moving onto make up. Usually I am not a huge make up wearer, mainly sticking to eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis and some lipstick if I'm going out. However after watching videos and looking at pictures on reddit, I thought to myself it's time I went a bit make up mad. The main reason I bought quite a bit was because I wanted to really look good on my birthday night out and show my boyfriend a different side to me, that I wear foundation aswell. He really liked the look, and so I bought a little more, then looked into some more items for more of a daily natural look which is quick and easy.

At the time of purchase, Boots were doing a special 3 for 2 on all Revlon cosmetics, and Superdrug were doing a 3 for 2 on all make up. I definitely like Revlon though as their products seem very natural and I've heard good things about them, plus I like the fact that Emma Stone promotes their items. This foundation is in colour ivory, which at boots was the fairest shade they did. I will be doing an in depth review soon.

This is Rimmel's wake me up foundation, in Ivory which was the fairest shade they had at superdrug. I've heard brilliant things about this foundation and am looking forward to trying it, I bought it with a day to day foundation in mind. I haven't tried it yet and will be doing a review soon.

This palette is from Boots in Revlon's colour stay collection. I really like this palette as it's colours are natural, however you can also build them up together for a smokey eyed look. The product comes with a little foam brush which I hate anyway and never use because I use my own brush, however it's nice of them to put it in there. I never really use eye shadow a lot on a daily basis and only really use it on nights out, and I like this product as it's very easy to build upon. I've noticed a couple of times with the darker colours that sometimes the 'dust' falls onto the cheek however that could be me applying it awkwardly.

These blushers are Revlon's photoready cream blushers. I've already used pinched (top) however am yet to try coral reef (bottom). From when I've used pinched, I really liked it as you could add however much you wanted, however as I only wore it for a night out, I didn't feel it was bright enough which is why I bought coral reef, however looking at the two I'm a little scared to use it.

This is Revlon's colour stay concealer in shade fair, which I think is the lightest they do. Overall, I'm not sure about this product. I like the tip applicator and it always gives me a good amount for the parts I want, however when I blend it in it seems to disappear quite easily. I never really get spots or breakouts on my face, however have used it for redness around my nose and it always takes a couple of applications before it's how I want it too look. 

My boyfriend loves red lipstick so I decided to go bright with this red lipgloss. I'm unsure of the shade, however it's by Revlon. I have never really been a lipgloss girl and much preferred matte lipsticks, and I'm afraid to say this hasn't converted me. The coverage is good and you definitely don't need a lot to really make your lips 'pop' however within a couple of hours you will need to reapply. It comes off quite easily, for example kissing (which I find fun to cover my boyfriend on the cheeks anyway) and drinking from glasses/bottles. 

This is 'apocalips' in shade Luna. It's quite a coral shade and I bought it for daytime and going out and about. I haven't worn it out yet however when I tried it on it seemed nice, nothing special so far and still hasn't converted me just yet.

This is a brow pencil from maybelline. I have never really done anything with my eyebrows before however my boyfriend said that when I wear foundation I should put some on, so I took his advice and bought a pencil. I really like the fact that it has a brush the other side.

Lastly, I am a huge eyeliner wearer. It's my go-to make up item and I usually just wear eyeliner and mascara. Recently I've been fond of the eye liner almost crayon style material. It's not exactly a liquid, and a bit more than a pencil but not a gel either and it's not a felt tip. This style is definitely the easiest I've found to apply. I've found them quite hard to find however maybelline have started doing them so I decided to buy two to keep me going. At the bottom there is a sharpener which is very useful, and I really like it. I would suggest this for daytime, however it's also good on nights out but I prefer a liquid or gel liner to be a little more dramatic.

and that's everything! I'll be posting more in depth reviews when I've had more of a try of the make up. Keep reading!


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