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My name is Emma. I am 19 years old and live in the UK. 

I have started a blog, because I find myself often thinking about writing more for an audience, however never seem to find that audience, until now.

At heart, I am a writer. My main passion is film and I have studied scriptwriting at Bournemouth University. I love writing scripts and creating new characters and worlds that people can relate to or find interest in. I also love directing and making my own short films with friends. I think writing in a blog format will be very interesting for me, and hopefully will help my writing overall.

Another few passions of mine are food, travel and fashion. I am a huge foodie, if it's cooking or eating I'm happy. My favourite chef is Jamie Oliver, as I think he is one of the most enthusiastic chefs out there and understands real food, such as his books 30 minute meals and 15 minute meals, as they relate to the real world unlike some chefs who stick to gourmet. 

Although I rarely get to travel, I love any kind of adventure and am very in my element when exploring new places. I am much more of a city person and my favourite places I've been to have been LA, New York and China.

Lastly, fashion. Although I don't class myself as a fashionista, I am always interested in fashion trends and what other people are wearing. I love to go shopping and have finally realised I'm a curvy girl and shouldn't try to wear what everyone else is wearing and to go with the flow, which hopefully I can share with you.

Thank you for reading about me, and I hope you enjoy my blog.


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