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Recently I have been buying quite a few lipsticks. Usually I stick to a nude lip such as Revlon's 'mauve it over' in the day time and a red lip on nights out, however I thought it would be nice to have some variety and give me the options. So, here is what I've bought ranging from least favourite at the start to most favourite at the end:


  My least favourite buy is the Revlon lip butter in shade 'Candy Apple'. Although I am a huge Revlon lover, I find this lip butter to not suit well to my lips. It does not stick to the inside of my lips, even after I've tried blotting and applying with my finger instead of straight onto my lips. I think the colour suits me ok and I really like the moisturising texture, however the application does not work for me. (All the lip butters are £7.99 from Boots however at the time of purchase, there was a 2 for £10 offer)

Next is Maybelline's coloursensational in Hollywood Red. I couldn't find this on the boots website however I'm pretty sure I bought this with an offer. There isn't anything bad about this product, the colour just doesn't suit me very well so I don't wear it very much. It's very smooth to apply and feels nice on the lips however I would say it's quite a blue-red so doesn't suit me very well.                                 

This was the first lip butter I bought and it's shade 'Juicy Papaya'. I expected it to be a lot more pigmented and coral however wasn't entirely disappointed as the texture and smooth application drew me in. I do like the colour it gives but I would like a little more colour on the lips.

Another lip butter, in shade 'Wild Watermelon'. I like this colour and it suits me a lot better than Candy Apple, it's a lot more wearable even after it's worn off a little as it's not so noticeable however I would not wear it on a night out as when I wear red I want it to last, and I feel I have to keep reapplying with these. Again, it's not as pigmented as I thought it was going to be and it takes me a while to get a full lip with it, however it's definitely my favourite over this shade or Candy Apple.

This shade is 'Strawberry Shortcake'. I really love the shimmer this lip butter gives out, it's not too much but just shows off your natural lips. I wanted there to be more colour as I wanted to try a light pink shade however there isn't enough as hoped. Still, I love the texture and would probably wear it if I was doing a strong eye look.


I really like this shade. It's 'Sweet Tart' and it's a gorgeous every day look. I wore it out for shopping and it lasted a good couple of hours before I noticed I should reapply. It's a really nice pink shade that isn't too bright and looks classy. My favourite lip butter.

This is a bourjois lip crayon in the shade 'Peach on the beach'. A gorgeous coral shade that is glossy however lasts ages. It's a really nice, light application and you don't need to apply loads for the colour to show. I've been wearing it most days and it just seems to make my lips appear very healthy and bright. I would highly recommend this shade and I really want to try out the others. (£7.99)

Lastly, my favourite purchase is the Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm in the shade 'Crush'. As I have very pale skin, I was a little worried that it would turn me into a vampire however I tried it the other day and instantly fell in love. It's more glossy than the swatch shows however is a gorgeous plum shade, and perfect for autumn/winter. It gives a slight tingle to the lips and I would make sure to exfoliate and prep the lips first, however even after the initial application has worn off it still leaves a lovely berry colour on the lips. (£7.99)

- Emma 

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  1. the last one is just gorgeous! will have to try it.


  2. i love revlon lip butters, looks like you do too! x


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