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American Vandal is a Netflix 'mockumentary' about Dylan Maxwell, a high school student who is suspended and potentially facing court for drawing dicks over teachers cars, however was he the one who committed the crime?

This show was an absolute breath of fresh air after some of the original shows on Netflix recently. They are all quite hard hitting, for example Making a murderer which this show plays off with the documentary style, however it does it so well that you really do believe the story and the cast. 

They play this so well including real 'documentary' style filming e.g. with the noticeboards with the red string over it, the reenactments and with it being in a school environment it's so relatable. You feel for Dylan who is at the centre of this, however you can complete see him as this annoying high school student who thinks he's super cool and yet in reality annoying everyone by shouting random things in class or sneezing overly loud behind someones back.

If you are into documentarys or comedy I would highly recommend this, you'll definitely find it slightly relatable and it's just nice to poke fun at something every once in a while.

Have you seen American Vandal? What did you think?

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