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In the blogging community it's all about support, motivation for each other and sometimes pretending to be someone else's best friend for 5 minutes so you'll hopefully get a follow back. However sometimes you just need to have a little spring clean of who you are following, and please let me make this clear, it's not personal. Here are the honest reasons why I'll unfollow you.

You haven't posted in ages
Now I know I'm probably a little hypocritical of this because my blog has had some breaks and then I've come back, however once or twice a year I'll do a little spring clean, and if you've not posted on your blog in a year, your insta in several months then I'll click unfollow. If you do come back then I'll probably find a post and refollow, but until then it's just the way it is.

Your content has changed/doesn't interest me
I'm all about change and moving forward, progressing with your life and changing your content as you grow. It's a really good habit and a good place to be if you can do different topics and do them well, however sometimes the change in your life doesn't interest me in a way that I want to keep reading. 

A big example of this is parenting blogs which at first were beauty/lifestyle blogs. I'm super happy for you and of course you now have other priorities and topics you want to discuss, but I don't have or plan on having children and therefore if thats all you post then it's just not for me anymore.

You make me unhappy
This mainly applies to instagram, and it's something I noticed last summer and knew it had to change. Basically, I was seeing all these amazing bikini's, on the beach with a tan and legs for days and I was feeling self conscious and upset. Of course I'm happy for you to get to go on holiday and you've worked hard for that body, but it doesn't make me happy and possibly a dash of jealousy mixed in, so I unfollowed. 

If you are self conscious or noticing your mood has been low because you are on insta seeing the snippets of other peoples lives then I'd recommend the same. It's not personal and there's been many articles about how bad instagram can be for this, so I'd highly recommend doing the best for you.

What makes you unfollow someone?

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