Felicity Jones Oscars Inspired Make up Tutorial


I absolutely loved Felicity Jones' make up at the Oscars this year. I thought her outfit was gorgeous, I loved her hair and the make up was smokey and nude, and looked really fresh yet not too dewy. I decided to do an inpsired make up look, toning down the smokeyness and making it day wearable, even though you could go all out smokey for daytime if you wanted too!

Firstly I primed my eyes with Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I use this daily and really love it. While it sets, I usually do my brows and recently I've started dabbing the primer over the lid instead of rubbing it, to create a stickier base and being more gentle to the eyes.

Something I do with all smokey looks now is to add a transition shade over the lid/crease before adding any real colour. I just used a slightly darker colour than my skin tone and blended it out. This way the colour has something to stick too, and I've noticed it blends everything together easier.

One thing that I loved about Felicity's make up was it was still shimmery even though it was quite smokey. I love a shimmer and used the shade 'Dope' from the Vice 2 palette. Any shimmery shade will do, I chose this because it's quite a neutral colour and looks silver/white. Over the top of that I added the shade 'Bootycall' from the Naked 2 which is similar in shimmer.

It looked like Felicity had some blueish tones in with her smokey eye, so I mixed the shades 'Prank' and 'Smokeout' from the naked 2 palette together. Prank is a dark blue colour with little bits of shimmer and smokeout is a slightly off black, with shimmer in. I put this to my outer V and blended it out. 

Here is a better look at where I applied the two colours. I made sure to blend it well before seeing if I needed to add anymore to the eye. I did notice that this made my dope colour drop in pigmentation so I kept going over the top of that with the same colour again to brighten it up. 

The step is basically mix the colours, apply softly, blend, see if it looks ok, blend, and repeat if you want to build up colour. I also swept the darker shades under my eye on the outer third and joined it together with the outer V.

Finished eye! I swapped eyes as I applied my liner terribly on the other eye. I used Revlon's liquid liner to create a thin line, gradually getting a little thicker but cutting off at the end without doing a wing. It's a strange feeling cutting off when you are used to doing a wing daily! I also added a black matte shadow over the top of the liner to mattify it, and using a liner brush softly blended it a little. I also added mascara.

This is my finished look. I didn't do a tutorial for the whole face because it depends on what products suit your skin tone! For my lips I used a sample of a Benefit lip gloss, which ended up being way more sticky than I imagined so I blotted it down slightly.

I hope you enjoy! Apologies for my absence for most of February, I've had a bit of a rough month with my depression and losing my cat suddenly, so I've not been feeling up to writing or having any thing to talk about. I've got more posts planned in March so hopefully I should be back on schedule now!

What do you think of this make up look?

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