2013 - The Review


Honestly, I can't remember that much of 2013. I know what happened, but not in each month. Either way, lets give it a go:

My friends and I brought the new year in watching the fireworks in London. It was amazing, cold and a struggle to get back, however so worth it and I think they were the best yet. I also made the decision that I was unhappy at university, and decided that I wanted to move back home.

Had a rather embarrassing Valentine's day spent with my boyfriend, which I'm not going into much detail about but it turns out we just stayed at home instead of a romantic dinner. Hoping to make the next valentine's day more eventful, hopefully going away for that and our one year.

Spent my best friend's birthday with my friends in Birmingham. Was a great night out, although it was still snowing(!!) so was rather cold. The day after we had a meal at Jamie's italian and did some shopping, and it was lovely. 

90% sure nothing happened.

Was my 19th birthday, so we had a 3 day party. Was good, except the thursday (my actual birthday) we had to get a taxi home as most places were closed due to no one being out because of exams. Friday was the main night and was good, however my boyfriend had to go hospital and we stayed there till 7am. Saturday we went out again, however most of us were just tired. My boyfriend still came out and was loved by everyone for going out with scratches and stitches all over his face.

June, July, August
Not much happened, however I started my blog around this time. Didn't post much however got more and more into reading other blogs and looking at make up e.t.c.

The most eventful month! My boyfriend and I decided to go Florida, as it was his second time since he was a kid and my first time. It was the best holiday I've ever had, and was magical and memorable in every way. I met my favourite princess, Rapunzel, cried at the fireworks at Cinderella's Castle, and faced my fear of roller coasters at Universal and Disney. It's been the happiest time of the year for me, and I loved every minute. I can't wait to go back. Was also my mum's birthday and myself and my boyfriend challenged each other to eat a massive mixed grill, which was insane but I did it.

Not an awful lot happened, didn't go out for halloween either as my boyfriend was working. Hopefully next year he can get it off and we can go out as Harley Quinn and the Joker :)

I was ill for quite a lot of november, with a terrible cold that wouldn't budge. However we did see some fireworks and went to the pub quite a bit.

Was my boyfriends birthday at the end of the month, which was very nice and he really enjoyed the SNES I got for him. Other than that, all I really did was work, wrap presents and saw a few movies! Had a wonderful Christmas and got some beautiful gifts, and then now it's just to get ready for 2014!

I have 2 more 2013 style posts coming up in the next week, and overall I had a pretty good 2013. Hoping to really get into 2014 however and travel more, and take more photos!


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  1. I love this! A lovely idea to do a month by month review…although I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to remember what happened 90% of the time either!! :)

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.



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