Netflix Picks - May 2018


As usual here are my picks of whats coming to Netflix in May! 

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous live at Radio City
John Mulaney was one of the brilliant SNL writers and recently hosted. I love his New in Town show and I think this will also be great. 

Taxi Driver
This absolute classic is coming to Netflix and it's one of Robert De Niro's best roles. It's a wonderful character film and definitely worth a watch.

Steve Martin and Martin Short: An evening you will forget for the rest of your life
I absolutely adore Steve Martin and Martin Short and love them together, so this will be brilliant. I love their quirky style and how quick they can be with each other. 

The 40 year old virgin
Another classic comedy and one of Steve Carrell's best roles. This film is great to put on if you want a laugh and chill out for a couple of hours.

What will you be watching this month?

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