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Beauty and The Beast is Disney's latest remake of the classic animated tale. I think everyone knows the fairytale so I'm not going to go into detail on this.

Out of all the recent remakes, I think this is probably the best so far. I didn't see Cinderella, hated Maleficent and I was honestly worried when I heard Emma Watson was Belle and they were remaking this. Disney must have sensed fear, as it looks like they've put so much more effort in than before. I really love the added additions for example how the Beast is older when he gets cursed, as it never did make sense that the witch cursed an 11 year old for not letting a stranger into his house!

Another addition I loved was Beast's own song after he lets Belle go after her father. I'm not sure if they added the extra songs to score an oscar nod for best original songs, however this could be an instant classic. It's heartbreaking and powerful and one of my favourite moments in the film.

I always thought that I'd come out of the film absolutely hating Emma Watson as Belle, and yet she was fantastic. I think she played the role of a 'strong woman' really well, but overall she didn't overplay the role and stuck to the Belle we know and love. My main downside of the film is actually the beast. I don't mean as a person/creature, he is still loveable and sweet however I think the CGI of him is really poor. He's called a beast and practically looks like a hairy human with two slightly longer fangs. I think they could have gone 1000x more beastly.

Overall I really enjoyed this film. I think the whole supporting cast were brilliant, the new additions added much more depth to the movie and it still felt appealing to both children and adults.


Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? What did you think?

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