Hello again.


I thought I would title this 'Hello Again' as I would like to re introduce myself before I get back to the point of this new post. 

My last post was the 3rd June 2015. In this time, I've grew a reasonable amount as person. I've discovered more about myself, such as I'm not that great at keeping a schedule, I hate the fact that alcohol has empty calories and I'm addicted to homeware. Not much about myself has changed I'll admit that, but my thoughts and feelings have grown and I think this is a good change.

I'm not going to lie to you, I stopped blogging because I didn't have time. I had started a full time job, I basically live in two places at the moment and if I'm with my boyfriend every weekend because I hardly see him in the week. I did miss it, and I felt that I didn't get the same outlet that I did when I was blogging. Which is why I've decided to try harder and give it another shot.

At the moment I'm not going to give myself a schedule which I know might be setting myself up for a fail already, but I'm a lot more prepared, I'm more determined to try and in general I'm also wanting to get back into YouTube to improve my confidence and get back into filming/editing so the two should work hand in hand.

I hope you enjoy my new posts I've got planned. I'll still be posting about beauty, film and fashion picks but I'm also wanting to venture more into home decor, lifestyle, fitness and fashion (with the help of my boyfriend on the camera). 

Thank you for not unfollowing me in the past few months and I promise to be back soon, and be better than last time.

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