Captain Phillips - Movie Review


I hadn't heard a lot of the true story this film is based on, neither had I looked into it before seeing the film. I think this works well in both cases, for me it was more exciting not knowing however I'm sure for others who knew about it they'd be more interested in the characters, still finding it exciting.

Captain Phillips is based on the true story of a ship captain who gets taken hostage by Somalian pirates while delivering emergency food and water to Africa. Tom Hanks stars as Captain Phillips.

The film was very, very good. Intense throughout, the trailer did seem to only show one part and keep the rest secret, I thought the 'highlight' would be the ship getting hijacked however there is so much more involved and it's definitely intense throughout the entire movie. The acting was brilliant, which you probably knew you'd get that from Tom Hanks but the acting from the pirates was equally amazing. The actors didn't actually meet until the hostage scene, to build up tension and make it seem more realistic. The final scene was also amazing, Tom Hanks was incredible and emotional.

Overall I'd say it's definitely worth a watch, while you are rooting for Captain Phillips you are interested in the story behind the pirates and overall it's a brilliant film. 


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